Lebbe's Minecraft Vault

Welcome to my tavern!

Welcome in to my tavern, where you can eat as much rabbit stew you can desire, (given that you have the emeralds to pay for it), drink beer with good friends and even stay the night in one of our classy bedrooms (servants and other low-life citizens may sleep in the stables).

Tavern front view

A medieval aged tavern, with small windows and a huge brown double door for entrance.

Inside the tavern

In the first floor you find our kitchen and benches reserved for low-lifers. They sit closest to the kitchen, so they can serve their masters the food from the kitchen. We are only staffed one chef!

Tavern kitchen

This view is from the window outside, here you can see our chef in action making rabbit stew. The only recipe he knows.

Classy bedrooms

Lords and ladies might find their beauty sleep in these fine bedrooms. They also got their entrance from outdoors, enabling nightly visitors kept discrete.